Eveline Dellai

My name is Eveline Dellai, I come from Italy, but I have lived in the Czech Republic for several years now. Some of you will know me as an actress from adult movies, I started this career alone back in 2016, and later my twin sister Silvia Dellai joined me. Today, Silvia is no longer doing this, and we've both found our own way. I stayed in the industry that I fully devote myself to. I received a few awards for which I am proud of myself and it motivates me to continue doing what I truly enjoy. However, as it happens, one does not remain doing one thing for a long time and throws himself into exploring other waters. Mine is fashion. I work on my fashion collection and my brand, which allows me to fool around on my outfits during my slightly erotic show, which is my third passion. What I also enjoy is nature, traveling, music, dancing and my family. 🙂

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Callendar Dellai Twins 2020 - Signed Edition

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