Naomi Dreyar

From an early age, I had a very close relationship with both art and various fantastic worlds, whether from movies / series, books or games. During high school, I took this passion to a completely different level - I started with cosplaying, which perfectly combined different art forms and my favourite fictional characters. Thanks to that, I have managed to bring over 20 of these characters to life in the last few years. It started mainly with characters from anime, games, and later I added characters from comics and movies. My most famous cosplays are definitely Harley Quinn (DC Comics) and (Overwatch). I made several versions of them and I'm definitely planning to make some more. And last but not least, Spock (Star Trek) - my own female version. The next ones I'm preparing are the characters from the game League of Legends - Ahri (KDA), Riven, Jinx (Star Guardian) and from the anime Fairy Tail. I also hope that soon I will be able to expand my work with a character from my favorite universe - Ahsoka Tano from Star Wars. Cosplaying is my great passion and despite the fact that it is currently "only" a hobby to me, I take great care of every costume and try to perfect it. So if you are interested in my work, I will be more than happy if you leave a like / follow / feedback - for me it is a huge motivation to continue and constantly improve!

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